Our story

In 2001, brothers Mehmet and Halil TASLIDERE founded ELTA BVBA. Elta started out with just 1 team of 2 people who took on assignments from various contractors in different regions. In 2005, Elta opened a second office in Ghent and simultaneously rented a storage facility in Lede. In addition, they hired their first employee to cope with the administrative expansion. As with so many new entrepreneurs, the kitchen doubled as office space.

As a small contractor, Elta was extremely flexible and delivered high-quality work. This launched ELTA’s expansion and proved that the company motto “Quality is no Coincidence” was no idle promise.

Meanwhile, we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs, of course. On the contrary, we have continuously invested in ICT and our fleet, resulting in a workforce of some 41 employees. ELTA has meanwhile developed into be a successful contractor with Class 6 certification, completing assignments for sewer managers.


We also ensure that every employee is SCC certified, as we continuously strive to improve our employees’ integration. In addition to its SCC certification, Elta has recently also become an ISO9001:2008 certified company.
In January 2012, Elta opened an entirely new branch in Wetteren built mostly by our own employees. Due to the growing demand for sewer rehabilitation, Elta decided in 2016 to add this activity to its portfolio. The demand for no-dig sewer rehabilitation is fuelled by our current economic climate, in which clients expect contractors to carry out their assignments cheaper, faster and better.